Pak Entertainment Industry: The Car running full speed, but does the driver have a license!

Pakistan has one of the fastest developing media and entertainment arts industry but perhaps the most abysmal training opportunities for the aspiring talent in the field. Only some short workshops are occasionally conducted without clear understanding of the industry. Most participants have no clue what they want from these workshops.The result is the notion that success in the performing arts can only be attained through in-born talent. This leads to a lack of respect for these deeply meaningful art forms as proper disciplines.


Ajoka Institute is a unique performing arts institution which was set up in response to an ever growing demand to train creative individuals in the art and techniques of the performing arts, especially acting and writing. Since Ajoka is a name synonymous with producing world class artists, Ajoka Institute also upholds the same level of quality in providing a learning platform for students who think they have what it takes to be a part of the entertainment and performing arts industry.


To develop an awareness and appreciation for the performing arts, encompassing Theatre, Film and Television, and its ability to create a well-balanced and rounded life, leading to a society that is proud of its performing arts culture and heritage.